Give The Gift Of Jewelry With A Beautiful Gift Box

As we all know jewelry is a woman’s best friend. There is nothing like giving the woman you love a nice new pair of earrings or a beautiful necklace. However, what most guys fail to realize is the fact presentation is everything. You want to add to the excitement of the gift by putting it in a beautiful gift box. If you just hand her the necklace in your hand it won’t be romantic.

It will be very awkward and she might not appreciate it as much. But when you take the time to put it in a gift box it will mean so much more. The reaction you get will be much grander. She will jump, shout and probably plant a big wet one on you.

Make it special

Choose with care

Now I know what you are thinking. It will be way too difficult to find the perfect gift box. If you feel this way you can order an alternative gourmet style hamper on a website like this. Well my friend you would be completely wrong. These days everything is created for the romantically challenged man in mind. All you have to do is find a ready made gift box to purchase. This doesn’t require too much thinking on your part. It will actually save you a lot of time and frustration.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift box there are a few things you should consider. First up is the material. You can get ready made gift boxes made out of gold, plastic, glass, precious metals and silver. The most common boxes are made out of paper. Some are also made out of cardboard. Ordinary online gifts use cane baskets or wicker hampers like these.

If you are someone who is committed to the idea of saving the environment there are also boxes that are environmentally friendly. And most of the time they are affordable as well.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra money you can go for the silk or velvet gift boxes. They are simply gorgeous beyond measure.

Besides different materials you can also get gift boxes in a variety of different colors and shapes. For instance, you can get a red box in the shape of a heart. Would that bring a smile to the face of the woman you love? Of course it would! A heart shaped gift box is perfect for a special occasion such as a proposal. Just imagine getting down on one knee and pulling out a red heart shaped box with an engagement ring in it.

Trust me when I say she will love it. One piece of advice is to take your time when picking out a gift box. This isn’t something you want to rush and get. You want to make sure its perfect. When picking a box you want to consider the type of gift you will be placing inside as well as the person you will be giving it to. What is their personality or taste? What is their favorite color?

Answering these questions will help you decide on which box would best suit the person you will be giving it to. To get some ideas you can look online. Just go to your favorite search engine and type in gift box ideas. You will be presented with a ton of options that you can use for inspiration.

Quick tips to select the best flowers for your window box

When you talk about the best flowers, there are many to choose from. The flowers of all kind will actually adorn your window box and add colour to your over all decor but the selection is still difficult as there are many options available for growing the flowers and you may always look for the flowers that suit your decor, climate and budget well. The various flower options can be worked out according to the individual need and can then be finalised based on the below mentioned factors.

various flower options

Factors governing the selection of flowers for the window box

Colours that you like

Flowers are available in many colours and when you are using these flowers for your window box then your personal choice of colour surely matters a lot. You can select the flowers based on your colour choice or based on the decor you want your flowers to match. The colour will also be decided based on the background. The contrast will always look better than the matching shades. If your window box is having red background wall then the red flowers are strictly prohibited as they will mix with the background and won’t be visible. You may select the colours like white or yellow to get the contrast effect.

Sunlight considerations

There are certain plants that may need more sunlight while some others may need very low sun. Your selection of flowers should also be based on the sunlight your window box is getting. If your window box is located in harsh sun then don’t use the flowers that need lower sunlight. Similarly, if your window box is not getting enough sun then you may look for the plants and flowers that may bloom even in lower sunlight.

Water requirements

Water requirement for different flowers is different. If your window box doesn’t allow you to water the plants frequently then opt for the flowers that may retain water for long. The watering intervals for all flowers are different and hence you may select the flowers according to the watering feasibility. This will help you keep the flowers for long. You may also opt for the flowers that bloom all round the year to keep your window box colourful.

The above points may help you get the best window box loaded with colour, fragrance and variety of flowers that will work as instant mood enhancer.